Article writing is a very broad subject and it has many different subtopics. Whether you’re a professional writer or just taking the leap, there are many different considerations to keep in mind. The article writing guide will help you build up a foundation that will allow you to succeed in your career.

Article writing isn’t an easy task, but there are a few basics you need to know about the business. At the most basic level, a publisher needs to know a lot about you and your products. You don’t want to come across as a spammer who is selling a bunch of products that are not very profitable. A few other things you’ll need to know about the business are how to market your business, how to be a profitable article writer, and how to maximize your online profits.

Your first concern should be about marketing your business. An effective article writer will always use many forms of internet marketing to drive targeted traffic to their website and they should always be using techniques like articles that will link to their website and to their products. As you’re reading these articles, you should be able to see a landing page for you to land on and then find the relevant products that you’re selling.

It’s important to know that a lot of article writers don’t understand the difference between SEO and SEM. An article marketing business can only go so far with SEO and they will never make any money with it.

So what do I mean by SEO? This is the process of optimizing your website and your articles to get higher search engine rankings. Some search engines like Google offer pay per click ads which can really help with this but article marketing is the better way to go about it.

One of the other benefits of article marketing is that it doesn’t require any sort of long term benefit. There is no need to wait for a book deal or a book tour or other major event. All you need to have is a steady stream of articles to produce.

If you really want to maximize your article writing and web marketing efforts you need to write quality articles that are able to convert and bring you targeted traffic. Of course one of the things you should also focus on is getting a regular flow of traffic and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to use article directories.

As you may know, if you want to generate a significant amount of sales you need to have a steady flow of readers who are ready to purchase your product or to learn more about your topic. Article directories allow you to deliver this to the masses.

Just as people browse the internet daily, there are many thousands of people looking for information on virtually every topic. Because of this you can use directory submissions, to give your own products a greater chance of being noticed.

If you’re using a paid article directory you will not need to write a single article. However, if you’re just starting out you will want to go through the process of writing a few articles and submitting them to various directories.

Another great thing about this is that you will be guaranteed a steady stream of traffic. In addition to article submissions you also want to know how to use them as an effective tool to promote your products.

Whatever direction you decide to take with your writing career, make sure you know that you have a strong understanding of the industry, a real passion for writing, and the ability to sell your products and services to people all over the world. Once you’ve done that you’ll be on your way to making some serious money in article writing.



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