Q: How long is the wait?

A: Articles are delivered usually within hours, But it can take up to 12-24 Hours

Q: What niches we write on?

A: Any niche. Just try to pick good simple keywords.

Q: How long are the articles?

A: You can select from anywhere from 500 word articles to 2000 word articles.

Q: Are these articles Adsense safe?

A: Sure. We have used these articles for years on adsense sites with no problem.

Q: Why is it 1 keyword per order?

A: That’s because our main business is providing tons of content in bulk. Our articles are the lowest price online. You can make separate orders for more keywords. All articles will be random content on the same keyword.

Q: What payments do we accept?

A: We accept credit card payments via Stripe.

*Refunds: If any article does not pass copyscape then it will be replaced. All article sales are final. We offer examples on our website before you order.

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